Stove and Flu temps

Jags Posted By Jags, Sep 28, 2006 at 9:46 PM

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    MSG - yes, I am using double wall interior pipe. I may have to call my installer and see if they carry that. I do have to admit that I pay VERY close attention to the draft settings on the stove, cuz that bugger with really breathe if you want it to.

    begreen- I would love to snap some pics (its a good size stove, heats my entire home quite well and is pretty to look at too.) but my favorite girl friend lost our digital camera on her last vacation. Hmmmmm - I wonder if she meant to do that. *****note to self, listen to her when she talks in her sleep****.

    I am sure a NEW camera is right around the corner.

    I am not sure of the brand of therm, my sweep installed it 2 years ago during one of my quiz sessions. He said that between the 2, you will really be able to tell if you are doing things right.

    If I have not painted the picture yet, I don't take to striking up a fire inside of my home lightly. I love it, look forward to it, enjoy it, but also respect it. I have always said that there are 2 things in the home that you must do correctly. Fire and electric. Both are unforgiving. Water just makes you wet.
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