Stove pipe clearance question. Triple shield?

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New Member
Apr 7, 2023
I have a horizontal 2 foot section of double wall pipe going into the thimble on the side of my chimney where there is only 5 inches clearance to drywall. Can I add a shield with spacers on top of the wall? What is my best option? Thanks.
Stove pipe clearance question. Triple shield?
No you can't reduce the clearances any further than those required by your double wall pipe. Your options are run out of the chimney with insulated chimney pipe or move the thimble so it goes into the corner of the chimney or the face.
So replace the double wall pipe with insulated triple wall?
Yes with either a tee or an elbow. It will need to run into the chimney as well because you don't have enough masonry between the crock and the wall either. Is there an insulated liner in the chimney?
Thank you. Why couldn’t I replace the sheet rock with hardie board or Durocher?
The studs behind it are still combustible. It would gain you 1/2" though
Should read durock

so I could I replace studs with metal ? Or notch out a half inch of the wooden ones?
Yes that could work but doesn't address the lack of enough masonry at the thimble. You need 12" of solid masonry between that thimble and combustibles
So it sounds like I need a mason and a new insulated thimble. Thanks for educating me. I hope I can find someone before heating season!
Should read durock

so I could I replace studs with metal ? Or notch out a half inch of the wooden ones?
Just spitballing here. A transom window framed in the wing wall would also work if the opening honored the clearance requirements.
Can you lose the side wall entirely? If it is load bearing, you could use a support pillar. The staircase railing can be non-combustible like wrought iron. It might open the room up nicely, and like you mentioned, let some more heat upstairs.