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    Craig-Thanks for answering my previous question. I have another related to the use of a screen.My house has a brick chimney dedicated to the stove (previous owner took his stove). Chimney liner is 6.5" x 11" inside with a 3/4" liner. The liner leading horizontally into the stove is 6" ID with 1/2" liner. The chimney is 2 stories (8' ceilings) plus the attic tall.I'm considering a Vermont Castings Defiant Encore or a Resolute Acclaim. I'm leaning toward the Encore because of the large fire view and other features although I'm worried about too much heat. These units are rated close to each other in max output (47000 vs 40000).However- the Encore is made for an 8" flue but comes with a 6" flue option. I really want to use the screen but I'm told it will smoke with a 6" flue. The 6" stove pipe would be 2' then 90 elbow then 2'- then 2' of chimney at 6" for a total of about 6 feet of 6" flue before the large chimney.Do you agree that this is a problem as far as smoking? Could I install an in-line damper in the flue pipe to reduce air flow and thereby the potential to smoke? If I really want the Encore should I have a mason knock out the 6" liner and put in a 8"?


    You are correct in that it will smoke with the 6". Knock out the crock and replace it with an 8" crock or short section of insulated chimney. Do not put a damper in the pipe- as this will cause it to smoke more.
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