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    Re: Stove pipe direction Howdy, I was hoping you could tell me why the instruction manual in my woodstove says to mount chimney pipe with the crimp towards the stove? It looks to me that you would want to funnel the smoke towards the chimney instead of away from it. The info is on page 5, figure 2, of the Jotul 3 CB woodstove. I have read the same instructions on a previous stove I owned. The only thing I can figure is when your stove is smoldering this would keep your condensation from dripping out into your house. Please explain if you can. Thanks, Bob


    You got it. Water contains 20%+ moisture and if you ran the pipes the other way you'd have a smelly house. Since the chimney maintains a negative draft (suction) it really should not matter as far as smoking. Correct installation calls for using furnace cement and screws on the stovepipe joints.
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