Stove Pipe Install and Englander 32-NC Tips

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Hexa Fox

Sep 19, 2023
West Virginia
Hey guys,

I hope it is okay that I keep creating threads here, because I have created multiple. So I finally got my insulated pipe down my chimney and figuring out how to get the stove attached to the tee inside my thimble. So I have been dry fitting the pipe together and believe I have that figured out. I have been researching here and saw people highly recommending pipe be screwed together when possible. So my plan is to use "self drilling" screws (not self tapping) to connect all the stuff inside my thimble. Are self drilling screws okay? I don't see them mentioned a lot here.

Now on to the stove side I have double wall pipe going from my stove to the entrance of the adapter. So my question is do I need to secure this stuff together before using it? I would like to use it slipped together before drilling and securing it together. Also what should I use to do this? I noticed the stove has pilot holes in it and want to make certain I do not make a modification that I cannot go back from.

Finally I would love to hear some tips on using the Englander 32-NC. I already read a lot of exchanges here so I know properly seasoned firewood is a huge part of it. I also saw where some of them need a modification to the piece of metal near the door. Forget what it is called, maybe the 'wash plate'. Anyway this is my first secondary air stove moving from a very old style stove so I would love to get some advice and tips from you guys. I see that "learning curve" comes up a lot for people using these stoves so it would be nice to go into this with some tips and tricks if you guys are willing to share.
Post a pic of your pipe set up. Better to have a second look before screwing it all together and later finding out something is out of place/ backwards, etc.

or to confirm all is good.
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Post a pic of your pipe set up. Better to have a second look before screwing it all together and later finding out something is out of place/ backwards, etc.

or to confirm all is good.
Sorry it took me so long. So I got the last piece of double wall pipe today and got the stove side dry fitted together. I already do not like how far the Englander 32-NC sits away from the back of the hearth. There is just enough room for me to crouch down and load it with wood. The wind is close to 20mph today and it is really making the stainless liner move about inside the chimney. It has me feeling a little uneasy with all the noise it is making inside the house. I know that all of you are not familiar with my situation but my chimney is slightly loose and needs to be braced, which I need to get around to doing.

Anyway from the stove up there is,

1.) Double wall stove adapter for recessed stove outlets.
2.) A 45° pipe
3.) A 12" long pipe
4.) Another 45° pipe
5.) Finally a double wall to masonry thimble adapter

To be clear, everything you see here from the stove to the thimble connection is double wall. My thimble that goes out to the tee is a real pain in the @$$. As 2' of pipe is just barely too much and 1' with a telescoping piece of pipe is not enough. It has been really frustrating but I found a stove pipe that adjusts/telescopes from 14"-22" that I hope is going to resolve this.