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slofr8 Posted By slofr8, Oct 15, 2006 at 10:23 AM

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  1. slofr8

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    Sep 19, 2006
    Northern Maine
    I finished installing my slate hearth pad, got the stove in place, and called two places about double wall stove pipes and didn't get a very clear answer.
    I have a straight shot out of the top of my stove to a stainless insulated chiminey. I have cathedral ceilings so the stove pipe will be 10 feet long.
    One dealer said I need an adjustable slip pipe (48-68") and a couple of regular double wall pipe sections.
    Another dealer said all I needed was a 1' slip section and the rest regular.
    First guy didn't have the long slip on hand but was getting some next week. Second guy didn't sound like he had everything I needed either.
    Is this an unusual setup or did I catch these guys off guard?
    Next Friday I plan on going down to the first guys place and getting what I need. What would be your advice be? Should I special order something to avoid too many sections?
    Thanks. Dan.
  2. Roospike

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    Nov 19, 2005
    Eastern Nebraska
    The cheaper route i would think is going to be the 1' slip pipe and the rest stright double wall pipe. I used only 1 double wall telescope pipe ( slip pipe ) with my stove and it was 66" long . The reasion i went with on long telescope pipe is so i only had to have 1 pipe and not 2 or 3. My 66" telescope pipe was $95.

    Over all you could go both ways ....... what is the cheaper way your were quoted in price?
  3. G-rott

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    Jan 7, 2006
    Petoskey Michigan

    They may both be "right", some compinies make the pipe that connects your SS to the single wall a 1' slip (inside) section. Others have a short crimp to accept the single wall.

    I like using as few sections as possible, I would look for a pair of 48" sections and a ~24" section to complete wheather I needed slip or regular would be determined by the smoke pipe adapter from the SS (slip or short).

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