Q&A Stove Sizing: Extra Capacity for Cold?

QandA Posted By QandA, May 23, 2002 at 2:20 PM

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    With the non-cat stoves, can you get one that may be larger than needed most of the time, yet have extra capacity for those colder days mid-winter? Can larger non-cats (like the Jotul Oslo or Hearthstone Mansfield) be burnt with smaller but hot fires safely? The fire will not last as long, but we'd like the reserve given the larger firebox. >Our experience has been with catalytic stoves since they came out. >Possible creosote problems with smaller fires in non-cats? >Thx for the opinions.


    In general the stove should be sized for the average cold day....not for the coldest couple days of the year. This will result in higher efficiency for the product, whether cat or non-cat. A small fire in a large stove is not really the way to go.

    Creosote problems are rare in any of the newer stoves, even when turned down. More likely problems would include overheating on the temperate days and high wood use.

    In summary, it is OK to have SOME extra capacity, but not good to buy a stove which is way too large.
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