stove sizing in a solar collector room

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Dec 5, 2023
Westfield In
I m wanting to replace my old stove that is in what used to be a solar collector room. I believe the stove is an earth stove, I brought it used 25 years ago. As I remember the seller said his grandfather had brought the stove in the early 70's. Its time for a new (to me anyway) one.

My house is close to 3000 sq ft. split somewhat into thirds along the length. (early 80's poorly built ranch). Originally the house was made to be heated by solar heat generated in a room in the middle of the southern 1/3(I call that room the atrium). Concrete floor & sandstone walls. The room is about 16x20 with a vaulted ceiling. There is an air intake going into the HVAC system by the ceiling (2' diameter duct work thats well insulated). I can open a baffle & turn on the furnace fan to pull air from that room to heat the rest of the house. There are sliding glass doors on 2 of the interior walls so the ventilation even without the furnace fan going is good.

Other then the rarely used front door, I dont use the north 1/3 of the house at all. (a living room & 2 bedrooms) I pretty much close off that part of the house.

With my current stove its not uncommon for the atrium to get well into the 90's to over 100.

To finally get to my question. Should I size a new stove more to that room or more to the size of the house?

Right now I am looking at a Drolet Black Stag II thats a bit over a year old for $950. (its what I can find in the used market around here right now that seems to be recomended often on here)