Q&A Stovepipe up through roof

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Nov 27, 2012

I'm want to install my woodburning stove and I'm at the point where I need to cut the hole through the roof. My roof is just a series of 12" x 3/4" tongue and groove boards. I have box I was told i need to install but I can't believe I have to cut a 17" hole through the roof to accommodate the stove pipe. the pipe is 10" why cant I just run the pipe through the roof. It will only be going through 3/4" of wood. Does it get that hot? Is there another solution? I wont do anything until I'm absolutely sure that I need to cut a large hole. Any help would be great!


Depends on the pipe...assuming you have class A chimney- the clearance is usually 2" from any wood. For instance- if the outer diameter of the pipe was 10"- then a 14" hole would be needed. The actual clearance is usually established by the actual ceiling support kit which comes with the kit. Please be sure to follow the instructions for your brand to the letter !
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