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gajulz Posted By gajulz, Feb 27, 2006 at 7:31 PM

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  1. gajulz

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    Feb 27, 2006
    I have a gas log fireplace, and I was wondering about something. Can I turn this kind of fireplace into a wood burning fireplace? Is it as simple as having the gas logs removed and using wood to burn? I want to keep the gas starter, but from there, I'm totally clueless. Can't you tell? Any comments or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :cheese:
  2. MountainStoveGuy

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    Jan 23, 2006
    Boulder County
    If its a true wood burning fireplace with a intact flue, yes you can burn wood in it. It wont make it any more efficient. If your gas logs have a standing piliot, then no, you cant use them as a log lighter. You will have to buy a gas log lighter to install. Both things are ileagle in the state of colorado. ie converting gas to wood, and log lighters. Check your local codes.
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