Supreme Fusion 18 or Pacific Energy Neo 1.6 or Pacific Energy Summit

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New Member
Dec 9, 2020
Hello, for flush insert I am considering Supreme Fusion 18 or Pacific Energy Neo 1.6. Or if I go for projecting into the room I am considering the Pacific Energy Summit.
I live up in Northern Ontario, Canada, pretty chilly! This insert will serve as secondary heat to an electric furnace, so I really need a lot of heat out of it (hydro is $$$$). Place is 1500sq ft on one floor, central location for fireplace in living room.
Which insert will give me the most heat, longest burn, not loud etc.?
I have been reading through reviews on this site but I don't get a clear review of the Supreme Fusion - a lot of talk about it not having brick firebox so maybe not at good for heating?
Appreciate any comments please.
This is a wide brush. The Summit has almost twice the fuel capacity of the Neo 1.6. The Neo 2.5 is closer.
Thanks, the fireplace store felt that the Summit would fit in our space. So since it has the most fuel capacity it will likely be the best for performance?
Does anyone have comments on the Supreme Fusion 18 - I like the look of it but am worried it won't heat enough?
Also I hope Pacific Energy or Supreme don't have noisy blowers?
The Summit is a nice flexible burner. Whether it is a good match or not will depend on other factors like how open the floorplan is to the stove room and chimney height, house insulation, etc. It sounds like it could work if the floorplan is open to the stove area. The central location helps. We have friends to the north of us that heat about 1800 sq ft with a Summit and they are happy with it.