surface rust removal on dovre 400 .any tips?

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Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
i guess not lol
A good wire brushing. Or steel wool. No solvents. Then follow the directions for your choice of stove paint. Preparing for paint is the most important part. Make the first coat very light.


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Can you post a picture or two so that we can see the extent of the rusting? Is the stove painted or enameled?

For a painted stove, the normal process for a good uniform restoration of the finish is to paint the whole stove. This starts by wire-brushing the worst rust, then coarse steel wool on those spots. This is followed by fine steel wool of the whole stove to add tooth to the old paint. Vacuum up all the dust, then blow off the stove thoroughly. Wipe down the stove with alcohol to remove any oils. Then mask any areas that shouldn't be painted like the glass and handle. Then, run over all surfaces with a tack rag to get the last bits of dust. If the stove is black, spray with a good stove paint like Stove Brite or Thurmalox Metallic Black. This looks good on cast iron stoves. An alternative is Satin Black. Spray light coats. It will take 3 coats for the rusted areas and maybe 2 coats for the areas in better condition. The paint dries quickly between coats. The area and stove need to be at least 50ºF. The paint fumes are very strong. Good ventilation is important. If painting indoors, wear a good mask with vapor filters.
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