taking the cost out of blockoff plates

ckarotka Posted By ckarotka, Aug 30, 2010 at 1:19 PM

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    I recently have read a few posts about blockoff plates and potential cost vs. performance. I am reinstalling a free standing cast stove into a fireplace heart. The plate is a no-brainer for me and will be installed. Not being a metal guy (more woodworker) and not having metal fab tools I called a local steel shop.

    The plate I need is 12"x31 1/4" and I wanted a 6 1/4" hole punched in the middle to accept the liner. Since I didn't need any bending (but I'm guessing the cost would not have been much more with bends) the steel shop will size a piece of 1/16" plate steel and punch the hole in it for $30. I thought that was very fair since Lowes wanted $60 for enough steel and I would have to fab it.

    The next problem was kaowool. I know I wanted it but didn't need to order a 25' roll. I called a local industrial insulation place and they will sell me the exact amount for $10 cash out of the office.

    I doubt anyone would not install a plate for $40. Granted my install is relatively easy. Even if it was hard it is going in.

    I just thought maybe somebody could use this info to find the materials they need a little cheaper.

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