Talk to me about pure sine inverter generators that work with harmans.

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Dec 19, 2013
Cape Cod, Ma.
Yep. See post above. If above ground tanks, 2-3 (even 100 gallon "fatboys") may be needed as vaporization drops when cold. You're not going to reliably power a generator of any size on grill tanks...
The kit says 12hp or less and they have a kit to gang tanks together. I don't really want to do this anyway but thought I'd post the link for those interested. I do have an 80 gal tank ( I think it's 80 gal, maybe 100, that is at my house for the hot water and gas ranges here). Personally I'd rather have a 30 gal gasoline tank or better yet a diesel gen. Diesel stores way better than gasoline and you can use home heating oil in a pinch, just add anti gel.. I think my gen is 9 HP, hmm 9 hp diesel engine, I'll have to look that one up !!
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