Temperature Reading BIS Panorama

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New Member
Oct 22, 2021
Hello all! I have two questions. Where is the best place to test the temperature on my BIS Panorama? I want to know when to shut down the bypass. I have a infrared thermometer. The glass on the front? The top of the stove? The chimney pipe coming out the top looks to be double walled right? Does this mean that its temp will be much lower than the actual gasses?

2nd ?: What is the smaller pipe in front of my chimney? It does not seem to get too hot during operation, but I have only had the stove 3/4 of the way full up to about 500 degrees stove top temp.

Thanks! 73D7AE1B-572E-47F2-9AA7-47CCC61F6A8B.jpeg