"Temporary" Hearth Height Modification

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Feeling the Heat
Oct 11, 2020
new hampshire
I'm looking to increase the height of my stove off of the hearth for 2 reasons. The main being I want to get rid of an adjustable elbow I have coming out of the rear exit, and the secondary being a better view of the fire and easier adding of wood.

I want to test out the setup before I commit to brick/mortar work. My hearth is brick/mortar and stove is located on the main floor (above the basement). I bought (4) of these retaining wall caps to achieve the required height addition I'm looking for. Does anyone see a problem with using these to increase the height of the stove off the hearth?

If I like the setup I'd probably commit to the brick work after this burning season is over, so "temporary" in this case is multiple months.
Raise it up!