That happy moment

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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Having broken more than a few bolts on stoves I sure know this feeling though just as often I have had to drill it out and retap.

That happy moment
I concur. Not with stove bolts but in general. It's a rare tool that gives that much satisfaction as an extractor bit. (Or whatever the proper name is here.)
It's often called an Easy Out.
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never had any luck with those they always seem to break on me and then i can't get the pc out..
Flame wrench, Arc welder, induction heater are my favorites for non movable threaded items. Left handed taps are handy also as most thread items are right hand.
I have a set of reverse twist drills that work awesome
They dill in and catch turning the bolt out if not heat and any easy out
Tip if you heat it red hot then fast cool and reheat they come out easy peze
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I seem to make a habit of breaking extractors and drill bits off flush in whatever I’m trying to remove.