The LOUDNESS sound of Wood Stove silence

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Jan 19, 2022
Pea Ridge, Arkansas
I am new here.

I have this to contribute: Love my wood stove, but did not expect the loudness.

Ohhhh... What is this loudness I am taking about?

Well... My wood stove can only heat the house if we have the stove blower full and many other fan/ventilation going.

We have figured out how to heat the house with all these fans.

HOWEVER... The noise of the stove blower and all the fans is ruining the ZEN PLEASURE of sitting in front of wood burning.

I love the fire, but cannot stand the sound of all the fans!!! GRRRRRRRRR

Anyone feeling this pain?

Any solutions?

Loving from the Ozarks


Minister of Fire
Nov 17, 2019
Long Island NY
No, I don't use or have a stove fan. (Other than a silent, not so effective, thermoelectric one on top.)
I do have a fan elsewhere to distribute the heat, and I think it is quieter than a stove fan?


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Jan 13, 2015
What stove make/model out of curiosity?


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Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
Inserts are going to need blowers to move heat, its inherent to design. Go with radiant heat from a wood boiler and freestanding stove and things get real quiet, on the rare occasions my oil burner turns on its positively deafening.


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Sep 10, 2018
Newport, Wa
I had Blaze King King and almost never ran the Fans unless -20f outside. But they were loud. I use couple of box fans in hallway. Those on high are LOUD. On low pretty quiet. I would turn down the BK fan speed. Since it was not insert it was great. Switch it out to Pellet Stove in Spring 2018. I Miss it if power goes out. We have Inverter (AIMS 1250 and couple of 100ah batteries for 12 hours. Today will buy Generator. $159 for 1k PSW Generator (We have 7k Generator for Well and House)



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Jul 22, 2008
Unity/Bangor, Maine
I don't mind the sound of the box fan . . . it does double duty by scrubbing the air with the filter I have attached to it and helps circulate the air in the home during the winter. During the summer it works for cooling. About the only time it is not running is in the Spring and Fall unless we want to do a little bit of air purifying.


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Feb 20, 2009
Central Mass
You get used to the fan noise after awhile, I had a BK insert with the blower always on and its comforting after you get used to it. I have a free stander now so don't have any noise but I got used to the blower noise.