The Poetry Contest. (yes, it's on topic.)

Kenster Posted By Kenster, Nov 2, 2010 at 3:49 PM

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    There was a poetry contest at the local college. The finals pitted a poet-laureate from an Ivy League University against a good ole boy, well known as a local wood scrounger. The topic of the final poem was "Timbuktu."
    The Ivy leaguer goes first:

    "Across the sands of golden hue
    Beneath the sky of azure blue
    A caravan numbering one hundred and two
    Crossed the desert to Timbuktu."

    Well, the judges panel was quite impressed and were sure that they had found a winner but they still had to hear the other contestant.
    Bubba steps up and recites:

    "Into the woods Me and Tim went.
    We found seven blow downs right by our tent.
    The trees being many and we being few....
    I bucked five of 'em and Timbuktu."
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    Yes, an oldie but goodie. Thanks for reminding me of that one. Actually that story also covers some lines other than bucking wood.

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