Thermometer options

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Feeling the Heat
Sep 9, 2016
Yea that's what I want something that sticks on the stove pipe easy and not separate just Yea Nortcan has a Morso and he loves the stove and heats up a very large area. I was going to get one too but changed my mind because it was just not what I had in mind in the way of heating up coffee and soups in a emergency other than that and the dimensions for me where not square enough--lol I would have that stove too..It's a beautiful little stove...clancey.
Always nice to read you Clancey, about heating up a coffee and soups, don't worry about that, just come on up here in Québec and you will be very well welcomed, just advice us in advance ( just a few months is OK) so we can find out coffee and soups... LOL


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
I like the auber unit because I can run the readout to a remote location. This house it is in the living room above the stove. The old house it was on the desk in the office.
This is how my office is setup now. I love the remote wireless version of the Auber.
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Minister of Fire
Feb 26, 2021
That's a wonderful idea Nortcan and family and one never knows when I will appear--lol....I like the idea of the convenience of that digital auber because if your away or out of the area that could be a house saver--if I got the information right. But with my very little stove burning I am going to be right I like it on that stove pipe and easy to read right there...Hey nortcan if you and your family come here I will light the wood stove even if it is summer time---lol Thanks...clancey
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