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dpower2012 Posted By dpower2012, Dec 6, 2012 at 1:07 PM

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    Dec 6, 2012
    I'm installing 3" double wall pipe through my basement sheetrock wall and out through the concrete foundation. I'm planning on using a Duravent 3" wall thimble and running a couple foot sections of vent pipe through the thimble to get at least 12" away from the outside of the house. My question is this - In the pellet stove manual I'm looking at it, a diagram states a "heat resistant material" is inbetween the two sections of the thimble and around the pipe inside the wall area. Is there a special type of insulation that should go around the 8 inches or so of vent that is located in the walls or should I just ensure the immediate area is clear of anything?

    To give a better understanding of my setup I will be installing a pellet stove in my basement connected to a stove adapter/coupler - Tee Vent - 5' vertical pipe - 90 degree - 2' horizontal through thimble and outside - horizontal cap.

    I've attached the picture of the diagram for reference. Granted my installation isn't straight horizontal, but I just wanted to make sure.


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    Follow the instructions that come with the thimble. It will tell what if anything you can put between the venting and the combustible material gaurd (that part that becomes in essence the third wall of a triple walled section of venting).

    Most vent systems require that area to be left empty.

    Outside of that area can have just about anything in it.

    Again follow the vent manufacturer's installation instructions.

    The stove installation instructions should tell you what I just did.

    Diagrams are for visual guidance and to give you some ideas of what can be acceptable.

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