Thimble vent alignment.

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Phil Bastien

New Member
Oct 20, 2023
I want to replace my older 25-PDV Englander pellet stove with a newer 25-CBPAH model. The center line of the existing stove vent is appx 15.5in. The center line of the 25-CPPAH vent is 8.5in. This means the stove vent and the wall thimble do not align.

Is there some way I can connect to the existing wall thimble, or do I need to reposition or install a new wall thimble. I don't really want to do that as it would involve some work to remove outside siding and inside drywall and all the associated fixing and patching that goes into that.

I suppose I could put the newer stove on a 7in riser, which would lead to added costs, access for servicing, and possible code issues with the riser.

You could use blocks/stone to raise the stove which would be minimal cost. Additionally, this may ease access for service as you wouldn't have to bend down as far.

Or you can be creative using 45* elbows. But if you do that, you have to be conscious of the other factors of you exhaust pipe (length of run, other elbows etc). I had to get creative when I replaced my Hastings (corner install) to the P43 (straight along side wall install). The pipe not only had to cross over to the hole, but angle up to meet it. The stove is also on 2.5" concrete blocks. Between the blocks and the creativity, it matches up perfectly. (note that my exhaust goes straight out, so the math works for the elbows).

P43 pipe set up.jpg p43 set up - not trnd.jpg