Too many popups

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Connecticut Yankee

Burning Hunk
Nov 20, 2018
I stopped checking this site during the summer, and apparently the forum software was upgraded during that time, because now I find that unless I am extremely precise with where my pointer goes, the screen fills with so many popups that I cannot click on the link to the thread I want to view. The alternative, using the Tab key to move from link to link, is tedious in the extreme, though it does tend to reduce the number of popups, at least to some extent.

Is there a setting to turn these pesky things off? That would be ideal, in my view. My hands are no longer as precise as I'd like them to be (don't get old!), and the degree of precision required in moving the pointer over the screen is starting to make my hand ache. I don't see what the purpose of all the popups is, anyway. I am starting to find this such an annoyance that I will have to stop visiting this site, which would be a pity, because it contains a lot of useful knowledge.
If you're talking about the posters info popping up I agree it's a PIA. I asked about that but was deleted with no answer. Completely unnecessary IMO.
Okay, for anyone who'd like to know: I went to my account settings, clicked on "Preferences" and unchecked every single possible checkbox on that screen. It hasn't eliminated the popups entirely, but it makes them an awful lot more manageable. No clue why this worked, since none of the options I unchecked appears to have anything to do with popups, but I am grateful that it did work. Thanks to everyone for their help.