Troubleshooting, Testing and upgrading Exhaust Blower - Enviro, Breckwell, Napoleon ...Etc

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Feb 1, 2010
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1. First of all has anyone seen or tried these little troubleshooting technical steps for exhust blower issues?
Assure that the line voltage in the home is between 115 to 120 vac
Hook up an AC cord to the blower to provide full voltage. (US 115 to 120 vac)

Check current draw spec on motor tag.
Check to see if the current draw plus or minus 10% is is too low or too high.

If current draw is too low. Approx Less than 10 % of specified operating range
The motor is worn out or the venting or fresh air are wrong.
Damper on fresh air set wrong or a clog in the fresh air line.
Venting is clogged or EVL is too high.

If current draw is too high. Approx greater than 10 % of specified operating range.
The motor bearings are warn or the motor is clogged.

Blower is 0.95 Amps
So the proper operating range is approx 0.8 to 1.1 Amps
Too high is greater than 1.2 Amps
Too Low is less than 0.7 Amps

You can also test the triac on the circuit board by turning on the stove and set it to the highest heat level.
Measure the voltage at the exhaust blower.
If the voltage is too low, then the circuit board is faulty.

2. Open Frame or Close Frame 85 CFM which do you prefer?
Makers of Open Frame motors claim they are quieter. Close frame can be more protective

Does having a heavier magnet with a higher current capacity make it last longer?
It would start easier and run smoother.
Usually the higer current motors are used with larger impellers for greater CFM. This is true but high current motors with the standard impellers can last longer.

Also is the 1.0 FLA rating a way to make a smaller motor seem as good as a 1 Amp motor? The magnet is not as big. :)

So I have found that Gleason-Avery makes a nice 1.75 Amp Open frame and Magnum makes a nice 1.6 Amp closed frame. They are better, and I do recommend them.

Also see repairing and lubricating the exhaust blower.

For example:
Upgrading the Jakel 1.0 Amp motor Enviro uses to a Gleason-Avery 1.75 Amp motor is a nice upgrade. :)

Comments. See pics of the different amp motors I have below.
Pics 1 & 4 - Closed Frame 0.95 Amp, 1.0 Amp
Pics 2,3 & 5 - Open Frame 1.0 Amp, 1.0 FLA, 1.75 Amps


  • 0.95AmpClosedFrameJackel1.JPG
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  • 1.0AmpOpenFrammeJackel1.JPG
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  • 1.0FLAOpenFrammeJackel1.JPG
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  • 1.6AmpClosedFrameJackel1.JPG
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  • aNew1.75AmpOpenFrammeGA1.JPG
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  • aOlder1.50mpOpenFrammeGA1.JPG
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  • ExhaustBlowerImpellers.JPG
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