two install estimates - still some questions

hotstovecoolmusic Posted By hotstovecoolmusic, Oct 3, 2008 at 7:05 PM

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  1. hotstovecoolmusic

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    Sep 21, 2008
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    Three estimates if you count the guy who gave me one over the phone.

    Man, these guys are in a hurry. Only one of them gave me a written estimate.
    Not much info on it - total for parts, total for labor.

    1. Both wanted to put full stack above the roofline. "That's the way we always do it"
    I have clearance for snorkel vent and said I'd prefer that.

    Is the snorkel the preferred vent if you have the clearance and want to save a lot of money?

    2. One guy didn't want to cutout the baseboard for the vent plate. He said; either get a 6" high pad or he'll have to 'elbow' it up above baseboard and that would be expensive. The other guy said cutting the baseboard was no problem. Comments?

    3. One guy wants to use 4" pipe. Says the 3" tends to clog. True?

    4. One guy wants to run air intake thru the wall to outside. The other guy says not necessary. PS. It's an old drafty house.

    I have more questions than answers after getting the estimates. : (

  2. woodsman23

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    Aug 26, 2008
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    Why not just run it outside yourself?. Go straight out 12" from the house and put a 45 pointing down. If your house is a bit drafty then don't bother with the outside air kit. Use 3" pipe it will not clog (clean it once a year). I don't know about the baseboard (can't see it) but i do not see why he can't just pull it off and cut the hole then trim it to fix and reinstall. Alll you need is a tape measure, hole saw with 3" and 6" hole saw blades, a wall thimble and pipe, sealer and metaltape and about an hour of your time.
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