Update on Harman Advance Issue

toastyinri Posted By toastyinri, Feb 12, 2008 at 12:53 PM

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    Last time I posted I was b*ing about workmanship issues. This Sunday morning I had my first SMOKE IN THE HOPPER with the replaced stove.
    Called my dealer and luckily he answered on Sunday. He couldn't believe lightining had struck twice. We discussed the modifications Harman has suggested (drilling holes and tubes) and he frankly did not subscribe to doing anything of that nature by himself or anyone else. To make a long story short, I had just given the stove a good cleaning the day before, the only thing I hadn't done was clean out the "tee". I did that after talking to him and found that it was full. Also cleaned out the exhaust pipes and found it to have a lot of ash in it. Actually more than usual. I usually wait till the heating season is over to do that.

    As a precaution I'm only filling the stove about 1/3 up with pellets this week to more easily see if smoke gets in the hopper. So far everything is working perfectly.

    Luckly I now have two Harman Dealers within 3 miles of my house and have spoken to the other. They will both be working with me for another replacement stove if the smoke in the hopper issue continues. My original dealer was surprised when I told him the new stove was made in 2006 and agreed if my original problem was smoke in the hopper that Harman should have sent a new modified stove.

    I made the modifications myself with the workmanship issues I had with the new stove...now everything fits properly.

    I burn Fireside Ultras and sometimes Pennington,,,no problems with either brand, but sticking with the Ultras as they seem to burn much hotter.

    I'm looking for the nice gentleman who had his Advance replaced three times for smoke in the hopper,,,,I have a few questions to ask you about your stoves.
    If you're out there please email me at debbie4244@aol.com.
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