Used / New to Me Englander 25-PDV (2004) question

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Aug 31, 2022
New Hampshire
This old 25-PDV followed me home this week ...
Apart from a burned out ignitor .. all seems operational.
After a complete cleaning, with a manual start, it does perform OK.
In troubleshooting the failed ignitor, I noticed that the ignitor terminals on the control board are live (HOT) even when the stove is OFF and cooled down.
This would seem to be a reason for the ignitor failure.
My question is: How long after a cold start up is power supplied to the ignitor?
Start up cycle is 13 minutes. If still power after that you probably have a stuck triac black square with sliver top in picture. Not sure which one controls your igniter they can be replaced.

Thanks for the reply.
Yup! I expect it is the thyristor .. still conducting with no signal.
I can either replace it or leave it and add a timer relay.
13 minutes with power on the ignitor seems excessive .. it should get the pellets burning in five minutes or less.
It uses 13 min because if the stove runs out of pellets it takes a while to load the augers. Also englanders aren't the fastest to ignite just by design of the burn plate
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Yes, after operating the stove a few times (manually lighting), I can see that the design and air flow doesn't make for a quick ignition of the pellets when the auto ignitor is used.
The dated design of the control board doesn't invite too much modification before you're better off with a new design .. or a new stove.
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