Used Pacific Summit series A

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New Member
Oct 22, 2022
We are new to wood stoves and interested in a summit but cost is a factor. We found a used summit probably 10 -12 years old. Is there a reason that we should not go used? We know it will need new bricks, anything else we should consider before buying?

EB0666B7-B251-4494-B10C-6089FEAF3A73.jpeg 49F5741B-F707-4115-B4F9-D99A2BC8E23D.jpeg F4BE5005-1CC0-478B-B62A-87250B66A58A.jpeg 7FAE9078-EDE0-42A6-9175-B48F8966B0C8.jpeg E72AC520-B178-4012-ACAA-BF1E360C8075.png


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
It looks to be in nice condition. No sag in the baffle is a good sign, though it's not quite in properly.
If the price is good, I'd probably pick it up.