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    I have a mobile home that had a factory installed fireplace caddy cornered in the living room. I am removing the fireplace and I am going to install a Regency F2100 wood stove. The existing chimney is 8 inch inside diameter double or triple wall pipe that goes from the fireplace directly straight out through the roof. It is inside. The stove should be able to sit where the fireplace was and have the stove pipe go straight up using the existing chimney, with adequate clearances. The Regency stove has a 6 inch outlet. Will I be able to use the existing chimney by, maybe, adapting a 6 inch stovepipe to connect to the chimney at the ceiling or would I be able to run a 6 inch stove pipe or stainless steel pipe all the way through to the top of the chimney? And if this is possible would I be able to paint the existing pipe black, as it is now just galvanized? What would be the best way to utilize the existing installation, if it is at all possible? I would appreciate any help you could provide.


    Chimney for a prefab fireplace is only tested and listed for use with that fireplace, and does not meet the temperature standards for use with a wood stove. The best way to do this job is to remove the chimney altogether and then install a metal class A as directed by the manufacturer. In mobile homes, this often means the chimney is actually supported on the stove, as the roof of these homes often do not have the right framing for chimney support.
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