Using Wood stove and and loo[ing into a heat exchanger.

maddogcycles Posted By maddogcycles, Dec 29, 2005 at 8:47 AM

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  1. maddogcycles

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    Dec 29, 2005
    Hi all, I searched the forum and got a lot of info on using the wood stove for heating domestic hot water. My question runs a little further. The idea of serpentining a finned copper tubing behind the stove seems the most feasible. I'd like to do this, but have a closed loop that would run into a heat exchanger tank that would in turn heat the coil in the tank that would be for the domestic hot water. My rationale for this is that I want to use a central heat exchanger tank that I will have connected to my furnace (through the current hot water heater coil that I'll make a closed loop to the heat exchanger tank) And to a solar panel array on my roof. I'd like to use another medium besides water since this will be a closed system. Does anyone have any recomendations? Is there a reasonably priced silicone liquid or antifreeze? I'd like to eliminate the pressure release valve on the wood stove since it will be in my living room, and I'm curious if I'll be able to do this if I don't use water as the heating fluid. I also want to use an antifreeze solution since part of this loop will be outside to the solar panels.

    Thanks in advance for the help. Brendan
  2. elkimmeg

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    You are talking behind the stove right? not in the fire box? If I can think back this was discussed a while back.
    Modifications to stoves is not permitted
    The antifreeze you are looking foe is common RV antifreeze bought at Wal mart Brand name Panadol Byt any RV
    antifreeze will work. Do not use automotive Antifreeze it will corrode pipes and never should be in a place where
    it could contaminate your drinking water from an unsuspecting leak. Reliev valve is a good idea perhaps a backflow
    check valve or a variable flow limiter valve. In the process t constant heating and cooling, Fluid will be lost even in
    a closed system. Early in the morning the brain is not working full but I would have temperature controled valves (I can't think of the technical names) to circulate water so heat then steam does not biuld up. I would also plan on a drain back or dump tank Should things build up too much pressure due to heat to steam. should things get out of hand. The risk of putting a coil in your stove and not addressing steam pressure. Is creating a huge risk of explosion potential
  3. joshuaviktor

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    Dec 19, 2005
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    Elk, here's a helping hand <thwack>. No seriously, what Elk is saying is that there is a specific technical term for a closed loop of pipe, filled with any fluid, exposed to high heat, with no relief/emergency/dump valve. This technical term is "Bomb".

    Be careful. Remember, engineers strive to make things foolproof. But fools get more ingenious every stinkin year.


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