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    My wife and I just bought an old house and it has a Country Flame "stove" sticking out of the fireplace. It has wooden handles, is made out of black iron and has a plug coming out of bottom front. I assume this is the plug to power a blower. Right. How can I make sure this thing works? Can I just plug it in? Is Country Flame a model worth keeping? Finally, we have two daughters who might touch it while its hot. How hot can it get?


    Yes, the plug is a blower. Depending on the switch and circuit layout, it may not come on until the stove is fired. Many of these models had a thermodisc which turns the units on after they get hot and off when they cool.

    I've heard of the brand and it's probably a decent model - may be older though. You should probably get a good chimney sweep to inspect and clean it. The sweep can also give you some hints as to it's operation.

    The front of most inserts can get quite hot. However, your daughters can probably easily be instructed to stay away. A screen can be set in front of the unit to protect them if you feel they are too young to know better.

    Country Flame is now on the web at http://www.countryflame.com

    Link: Country Flame Web Site
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