Varmenbaronen Apollo boiler

hemlock Posted By hemlock, Apr 5, 2011 at 6:13 PM

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  1. hemlock

    Feeling the Heat 2.

    May 6, 2009
    east coast canada
    I've been researching variuos boiler/stoves, etc to possibly replace my oil boiler. My latest research has led me to the Varmenbaronen Apollo boiler, which is a combination pellet/electric boiler - at what seems to be a reasonable price. It has the benefit of electric backup should the pellet portion fail/have problems. This would be an ideal set up, as most other pellet boilers recommend being installed in tandem with the existing oil boiler - something I would like to avoid (oil is $4.00USG and rising, and new legislation is being introduced that would require a boiler inspection for every company that you might wish to purchase oil from. Three different fuel companies = three separate inspections = even more $$$).
    Does anyone have any experience with this line of boiler, or this company? Any info would be great. Thanks.
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