VC Defiant 1975 original doors and damper

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New Member
Jul 23, 2023
West Virginia
I have an old Defiant 1975 with the solid doors which we have recently torn apart and re-sealed.

Firstly, our damper is broken and most of the Defiant 1975 damper parts I’ve found do not look anything like ours. Is it possible to have the damper welded or does anyone have an idea on sourcing the old parts?

Secondly, I would love to have glass doors on this stove…does anyone know of any of the glass doors would fit this old stove?

Attached is a picture of the numbers stamped on the doors, the label on the back…our model number is almost worn off, and the stove.


VC Defiant 1975 original doors and damper VC Defiant 1975 original doors and damper VC Defiant 1975 original doors and damper
I don’t think glass doors are available for this stove. They do sell a grate you can use to burn with the doors open though. As for the damper, if it’s cast it will be hard to repair. There are welders out there that can weld cast.
as far as i know there are no doors for that model that contain glass. and thats a good thing because if there were glass inserts for the front doors of this model the glass would blacken up quickly because of no front air wash. as far as the other part is this the baffle or the damper. the damper is located up top and the baffle is located on the right side of the stove with a cut out at the bottom of it.
My guess is its Defiant 3 as it does not have the original oval griddle, its got the later rectagular griddle

This may help of VC Defiant.pdf

The reason its a guess is the parts breakdown shows a rear exit while yours is a top exit.

No glass doors shown but the list the damper for $61