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    Help out there! Installed a new VC Encore into a 6" Metalbestos 19 foot straight run pipe. This replaced a super burning Tempwood for efficiency,longer burns, and clean burns. Specs from VC allow 6" flues(no open door burning tho). We have had 2 Encores and other stoves for years w no problems. The Encores and the older Vigilant were on a straight run 8" flue. The draft/air control has NO effect on the burn whether 'on catalyst' or not. Tightened all latches, checked all the gaskets. The Encore leaks smoke out of the top plate seams (not the loading door) on a smoke test. I don't want to start sealing factory seams from the outside. Ideas? Has VC lost its quality with Majestic? Do we just have a defective stove? Or, is there something real obvious to try? Much thanks!


    You can actually check the operation of the draft control on the encore stove. It's underneath the rear of the stove on a sloping piece of cast iron...there is a slot in the iron, and, as I remember you could operate the control and feel if the flap inside of this slot moves up and down.

    You don't mention whether the draft is too strong or too weak...I'll assume too strong. You might need a turn or a barometric damper to slow down the draft...straight up chimney can draw very strong and may need toned down.
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