VC Gasket Replacement

Donna Posted By Donna, Jun 26, 2006 at 11:19 AM

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  1. Donna

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    Nov 20, 2005
    Hello All.

    I am getting up my nerve to replace the metal gasket around the top loading door on my Resolute Acclaim. Towards the end of the winter I noticed that it had started to fray a bit on the right side of the opening, and I could see a very, very fine line of light from the fire when viewed at a specific angle. The stove ran fine and I saw no signs of overfireing, but I know I didn`t used to see any light from the seal at the beginning of the winter.

    Have any of you ever replaced this gasket? Why is it metal reinforced, I suspect it has to do with the high temps compared to the rest of the stove. Any advise, tricks etc. you could let me know about before I start? I have to find a place to order the gasket from. The one dealer near here has horribly marked up prices, although if I have to use them I will.

    I am worried about not being able to get it back in place once I remove it. Not getting the right seal. Just generally hesitant, having never replaced anything like this before and not being the best handy woman around.

  2. seaken

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    Nov 21, 2005
    Shokan, NY
    The gasket is wrapped with a metal screen because the weight of the griddle will cause the gasket material to degrade quickly if it were not protected by this "armor".

    Use a pair of needle nose pliers and a flat head screw driver. Grab the gasket and pull and scrape it out. After the gasket is out, use the screw driver to clean the channel of dried cement. Next, use a wire brush to clean the channel (does not have to be perfectly clean). Use your finger to place a thin layer of cement in the channel. Then, lay the new gasket on the cement and press into place with your fingers. Use the griddle/lid to finally "seat" the gasket in place by carefully closing the lid several times in top of the gasket until it sits normally. You owners manual will have instructions for gasket replacement.

    If the dealer offered to show you how to do it, would you pay his/her price? Will you be needing his/her service in the future? How much is "horribly"?

  3. elkimmeg

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    Donna: Vermont casting recomends replacint this gasket every 4 years

    This is not that differcult a task. a handy gril should be able to do with little problems

    Price wise Do a web search I have seen them on ebay The Rsesolute Acclaim has the same top griggle as the Intrepid
    so the Intrepid gasket kit fits both
    to do:
    scrape out the existing gasket using a screwdriver head that fits in the grove
    Next step scrape out as mush of the existing gasket cement as possible. this is the hardest part,
    but not beyond a handy girls skills. You may have to use a smaller screwdriver head possibly a phillips screwdriver
    jack or rounded blade kitchen knife. Got to pick at it a bit, even a round file like for chainsaw sharpening. But common tools should get you there.
    once cleaned place the new gasket in the grove and with sizzers out the length 1 " extra

    next squeeze a consistant bead of gasket cement in the grove start placing the gasket in the grove. You do not want to strech the gasket or apply hard pressure pushing it into the glue and grove. Light even pressure all the way around cutting the last inch or so off once it is seated. Thats it let the glue cure and you are done close the top a couple of times and keep it closed till it cures.

    (After posting I see Seaken had already covered the proceedure better than I did. A added this acknowledgement after I saw his)
  4. clambdin

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    Jan 29, 2006
    VC likes to sell that wire wrapped gasket to you, I have had an encore for 10 yrs and found that the regular stove gasket works just as well if not better and it is easier to change ! Just my opinion..
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