VC Intrepid 1 (1302 model)- Modify flap to prevent closing off air?

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Flush 5

New Member
Dec 4, 2022
Curious about modifying the air intake flap to prevent it from closing completely, or if I may need to replace the thermostat assembly?

When stove heats up and the thermostat coil starts restricting airflow by closing the flap, I can push the thermostat further back to open it more. Is this a bad habit that wears down the thermostat? It’s old tech, so I figure that’s just how it works because the bimetallic coil loosens as it heats up.

However, if it gets hot enough and I engage the dampener, eventually I can’t really push the thermostat any further to get the flap to stay open for long. If this is abnormal, perhaps I should replace the assembly.

I’ve had creosote buildup issues in the past, and this year I’ve got a better handle on wood seasoning and stove operation. I was thinking if I could keep at least some airflow, by say welding or wedging a small piece of metal inside the flap to prevent it from closing completely, I would have a little more peace of mind regarding creosote. I know this would probably increase fuel usage, but the stove is only supplemental heat and I don’t think I’ll try to keep it burning overnight anymore.

It's not uncommon or incorrect to open up the air more to start the stove and then return it to the normal cruising setting once the stove or room is up to temperature.
I put a very tiny alligator clip on the bottom corner of the flap to prevent the flat from closing tight. After four decades it seems to work quite well.