VC Intrepid II Model 1303 - Normal Seam or Crack?


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Oct 28, 2020
Hi there,
I just installed an old VC Intrepid II Model 1303... It's been sitting unused for 15+ years. On the backside, where the thermometer cover meets the body, there is a seam where you can see flames. I'm not sure if this is a crack, or if it's a normal seam. If it's a crack, is it repairable with furnace cement? Video attached.



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Nov 23, 2005
manual doesn't show it and i'm not familiar with that stove but what i would do knowing that a crack or seam break that big would probably over fire the stove. i wouldn't run it like that. if it is a seam it should run from top to bottom if not take the thermostat cover off wire wheel it down to bare metal and cement it. if it is a crack small drill it above and below the crack so that it doesn't spread then either weld it that would be the best thing to do or if you can't weld try the cement thing. but keep a eye on it if the cement falls out then you know that is not going to work and you'll have to find a welder. if it is a seam the stove is going to have to be rebuilt to do all the seams.