VC Intrepid II model 1990 resto question

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New Member
Nov 26, 2023
upstate NY
I am restoring a VC Intrepid II model 1990
I have 2 questions
is there a rope seal around the thermostat housing in left rear of the stove? (see pic)
and what is the date of manufacture (again see pic)
stove was well used when I got it damper was stuck and when I broke it down allnof the sealant crumbled

VC Intrepid II model 1990 resto  question VC Intrepid II model 1990 resto  question VC Intrepid II model 1990 resto  question
Moved to the main forum. This is a modern EPA version. It looks like that area could use a gasket, but I don't see one listed.
It wouldn't hurt to put some stove cement around the mating faces before bolting it in place.
When I disassembled the stove there was none.
all of the factory sealant was dry crimbled or turned to dust

Normally roap gaskets goes in channels.. Id say no channel no roap gasket. If there is air intrusion.. you could use stove cement or 700 degree permatex
I don't think they had any gasketing around that part. Even the new flexburn Intrepid's are not sealed or gasketed around the thermostat housing.