VC Vigilant gasket replacement

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Fred B. NJ

New Member
Jan 30, 2023
Sussex County NJ
Just did a gasket replacement on the doors and griddle. I did this decades ago and don't remember having any problems. This time completely different. Ordered The proper size gaskets form one of the companies on line. Came with Rutland gasket cement. It was soft and pliable, but no matter what I couldn't squeeze it out of the tube until I cut the end right down to the top of the tube. And even then it was difficult to squeeze out. So now the only way to apply it is by taking a flat blade screwdriver and spreading it in the groove on the doors. It seemed to work. But maybe too much of the gasket is glued and not flexible enough to close the doors. I know the latch can be adjusted but there is too much of a gap, the doors just don't fit right. Also the gasket is not like the original rope, this is more like fiberglass and black in color. The more you trim the lose ends the more it unravels. I think I have to start over. Anyone suggest where to get something easy to work with for the gasket and especially the cement? Heating season is here and I'm in a bind. I won't even bring up the crappy thermostat replacement being sold.
Surprised no one has had any experience replacing the door gaskets on a VC Vigilant.

Just found old paperwork from Vermont Castings dated 1980. I calls for 1/4" gasket. Most of the ones sold today is 5/16" which is a little bigger. Maybe this is why The doors don't seem to fit properly when closed?
bingo! need the right diameter.
I think the 5/16 will work OK. I have used some that was very soft so it conformed to the groove and work with no issue. I think there are different types: some really firm, some softer that depending on the application work better.
My doors didn't fit properly with the 5/16'. I replaced it with 1/4' and they now close like they should. I think the original stoves used a stiffer rope gasket and now it's all synthetic. So the larger size is called for. But for whatever reason it didn't work for me.