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    I have a Heatilator Model number EC36 fireplace. It can burn wood or gas logs. I currently have gas logs and have no intention of ever burning wood. The problem is with my vent cap. The pipe is double walled. During rain or snow storms that have high winds, I have moisture coming down into the fireplace. Is there solution to this moisture problem? I have contacted Heatilator without a solution.


    Most fireplace companies make more than one cap for each fireplace. You might be able to find another Heatilator cap which is larger. There are also some "generic" caps made for retrofit onto certain pre-fab fireplaces. I have seen these in catalogs like Sandhill and Fireside Supply (ask your local retailer).

    That said, certain wind driven rains will surely always cause a problem. This is true with most masonry fireplaces also.
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