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    We recently purchased a vent free Gas stove. We paid a few hundred extra for the Jotul, because it was the only model we found that had a thermostat. We plan on using it mainly to knock off the chill during the winter mornings and evenings, but in the event of a power outage, would like to use it to heat a couple of rooms.Though it hasn't gotten below 50 degrees here in South Carolina,I have used it for a couple of hours to try to get used to how it operates. While it is on, there is a faint (but definite) smell of natural gas in the area that it heats. The smell is not bad, but it leads me to ask this question. Are there any health concerns for vent free stoves?


    There can surely be a detectable smell from any vent-free appliance. I can smell my gas cooking range (which is also vent free).

    In a number of ways, your Jotul is similar to my range. Both are Natural Gas and Vent-Free, and both are designed for occasional use. That's the main thing. These appliances are not designed for 24 hour per day use. Try to use 3-4 hours max as the guideline for your stoves operation.

    Used in this fashion, it is generally accepted that there are no short or long term health risks with your product. The exception might be for people with asthma or other respiratory problems.
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