Venting air intake to outside

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chris brock

New Member
Nov 12, 2023
Minden Ontario Canada
I'm new here, looks like a great forum with lots of knowledgeable people.

I have an Esse Bakeheart cookstove. It came with the equipment to vent the air intake on the bottom of the stove to the outside. We use the stove mostly to heat the place and it's the main source of heat. Would having it suck air from outside increase the temperature inside? I'm guessing the benefit would be minimal but I'd love to hear what others think.

There are many long discussions here on the topic. Search on Outside Air in this forum, titles only.

This article may help:
There's also an article in the sweeps library on the topic.
The effect of an outside air intake is most noticeable in rooms far from the stove, as the reduced demand for constant make-up air infiltrating the house will result in these rooms seeing less of an infusion of cold air from outside, and allow the little convective currents carrying heat from the stove to the distant corners of the house a better chance to warm those rooms.

As to the room the stove is in, no... I don't think you'll see much difference there. The output power of the stove is so overwhelmingly dominant, that make-up air coming in through that particularly room is trumped by the stove output.