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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 24, 2007 at 6:23 AM

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    We are currently putting in a basement 21x36 we would like to put in a pellet stove but cannot figure out how to install the pellet vent. Could you give us suggestion or some tips on where to go.


    Laurie, You have some options with pellet stoves. One method is to run your pellet vent pipe vertically through the home and vent above the roofline. This is helpful for when the power is disrupted with the stove running, and it will create a draft to evacuate the smoke gases. Pellet vent, or "L" vent has minimal clearances to combustibles. Most pellet stoves use a fan to blow the exhausts out the vent, so that the vent can also be terminated on the outside of an exterior wall. This is nice because you don't need to poke a hole in your roof. However, if the power is disrupted, the smoke does not leave the stove (in most cases) and enters the home unless there is enough vertical pipe to help create a natural draft. Or, you can vent along the side of the house from the basement. The vent would go vertical and terminate either below or above the eve.

    There are many venting options, but your home design and needs also play a major role in deciding which option works best for you. My suggestions is to discuss these options with your retailer and then check the web site of the brand that you are interested in. Good luck.
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