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    I have a question about ventless gas logs. We recently purchased one at our local Lowe's Store. I thought someone had told us that all ventless logs had two rows of flame. The front row burned very hot and always looked blue and it was because of this hot burning front row that the logs could be ventless. But when we got our set hooked up it only has one line of burning gas and it is centered between the fake logs. Now we have used the logs some and I haven't noticed any problems but I keep wondering if our logs are OK since they only burn one line of gas and not two like so many I have seen. Do you think we got the right set of logs? If so -I also wanted to know how safe these logs really were too. I worry so much about them that I usually don't light them. Please write me back and let me know if logs with only one line of gas are indeed ventless. And how safe are ventless logs. Thank you for any information you could give me, Teri


    It is true that most ventless or vent free gas logs use two rows of flames, but that is an aesthetic treatment versus a necessary and safe application. Each design is a little different. If you observe the burner under the logs while the gas is off, note the pattern of holes on the burner or "pipe." See if the holes have two sections or just one line of holes. Then, see if the flames are coming through all of the holes when the gas is on. If you have two sections of holes, yet there is gas only coming through one set or one line, you may have a blockage or poor gas pressure. Service time.

    Regarding safety, I'm sure that the gas log set was AGA listed, which means it will have a ODS Safety Pilot System installed. This system is safe, reliable, and has a 100% safety record. If you are unsure, or nervous, look at the owner's guide that came with the set or contact the folks where you purchased the log set and ask them.
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