Vermont Castings saved our bacon this week.

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Feeling the Heat
We have our old (now) Vermont Castings Reliance pellet stove, it's doing great. The Harmon Accentra burn pot is doing a great job.

Tuesday AM, hard freeze outside over night. wife got up & soon woke me. No heat, furnace (we keep it on low even with the VC going). Strange noise in the basement, no hot water either. The house main heat is an air handler which uses hot water to heat air as needed. First Co. VAQ series. I go down, wondering why the 50 gallon LP gas fast recovery through the wall vent water heater will not initiate a start. Long story shortened, a tip from a friend leads me (after a 130 mile each way drive to get a new Rheem that will fit my needs, and get it unloaded into basement) to thaw out outside gas regulators in case condensate in LP tank froze.

Wednesday, used heat gun & hot electric stove heated water. Seems the water heater will try to light three times then shut down until reset, includes shutting gas off. I fiddled with the switch, plug and unplug a few times, loosened gas connector a hair to check for gas, retighten, check for leaks, etc ... suddenly getting frustrated & on the verge of swapping out my 22.5 year old water heater, check that switch, and just as suddenly was "cooking water on gas". We decided to just keep the new water heater for a future swap in.

Air handler is still noisy, figured it was air pockets in the loop from when I changed Anode in water heater last week. I figured the pump that circulates the water to the water heater. I have a whole spare air handler bought at a liquidators 14 years ago because it was cheaper than just a new AC evaporator. It has a new pump, fan, etc in it.

Thursday was prep day for a procedure Friday AM, great results too.

Saturday, I practice on the spare, to change the pump or fan is gonna be simple, even has a drain in it, and I have isolation valves plumbed in. Just for kicks, I purge the existing lines / coil, and suddenly, all circulating pump noise is gone, working might near perfect now.

VC Reliance never so much as burped, just running flawlessly through it all.
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I thought this was about edible bacon....

But kudos; this is why you had the stove!
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