Vermont Castings Vigilant Smoke

aaron1 Posted By aaron1, Dec 5, 2012 at 6:56 PM

  1. remkel

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    If you close the secondary air intake you are not getting any air for secondary combustion which would allow more of the gases and smoke to pass into the flue which would potentially create more creosote, or at least that is hoe I understand it. Admittedly, the secondary burn on the Vigilants are primitive compared to today's technology, but it helps a bit. I always operated with the secondary air open when in horizontal mode.

    OR, I am way off base.
  2. fbelec

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    the manual for the defiant and vigilant are the same manual. in my manual it says if the stove is to be run in horizontal mode in their words (the long burn) that the secondary air supply should be left open, that air control is for the secondary chamber only. it has nothing to do with the primary air. the secondary air never gets into the firebox. if there is no oxygen for a secondary fire there will not be a secondary fire unless the stove needs a rebuild and the cement between the secondary and primary ports is broken or missing. i had a very bad chimney fire because i never opened the secondary air. that made a cooler and smokey fire which caked up the chimney in under a months time. the chimney looked like a brand new chimney when i moved into this house. i checked before i fired the stove up. next thing i know i had someone banging on my door to get me out of the house because of the 5 foot flames shooting out of the chimney. i would hate to put someone thru that when it is avoidable. i'm not trying to knit pick and it maybe working for you on your stove and if it is i would check to see if your stove needs a rebuild. very easy to do btw. (rebuild the stove that is). when you have a fire going if the stove is tight and you close all the air into the stove it should just about put out the fire. my stove does since i rebuilt it. it wont go out completely but it will bring it down to a smolder.:)
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    Hi Ken. I just picked up a 1977 VC Vigilant. Do you still have that owner's manual? Sure would appreciate it! Thanks.

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