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    I hope you can answer this question. Four years ago (1996), I purchased a used Vermont Castings Vigilant stove. I have been and still am extremely pleased with it. We have a large (3000 sq. ft.) older house (circa 1800's) and the stove is able to heat the entire house when we run it hot. My question is the age of the stove. On the back of the firebox is the number 1978. Is the year the stove was manufactured? Thanks, Jeff


    All Vigilant have that name cast into the rear. That is the date it was designed.

    There are ways of determining the approx age. The oldest Vigilant (1978-1981) had solid doors with no glass or inserts. If the doors have glass or inserts, it was probably made 1982-1986.

    There are other subtle changes that were made, but the availability of optional glass in the doors is the easiest to spot.
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