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    we just bought a house that has a Vermont castings vigilant wood stove.
    Unfortunately, we are not that familiar with how to operate such a stove and would like to get a manual or some info on what all of the little levers and metal pieces mean.


    You should first call Vermont Castings , and ask for the number of "The Brick Store" in Bethel, VT. The Factory Showroom closed last week, and the "dealership" was moved to a local store owned by Bill Floyd who has worked part-time at the Factory Store for several years. Bill Floyd, who by the way was the first employee ever hired by VC back in 1974, worked in several areas of the company before leaving to buy his own business. When things were slow at his business, he was hired to work at the Factory Store. Now, it's come full circle. Bill will be able to obtain a copy of an older manual for you.

    The Vigilant was my first VC stove. The handle on the left controls the internal cast iron damper. You will leave the damper in the "open" or updraft mode when starting your fire, or during Spring & Fall seasons when it's not too cool outside, your chimney system's draft is poor, but you want to take the chill out of the house.

    You will also regulate your stove's heat output by the use of the lever in the back of the stove. That's your "gas pedal." This flap will allow more or less air to enter the stove to feed the fire. More air, more heat. Less air, less heat. The little coil you'll see on the lever is a bi-metal thermostat coil. It senses the heat of the cast iron, and will automatically open or close the flap based on the heat produced. Once you manually position the lever, the automatic part takes over. Set it, and forget it. That was our slogan for years.

    Call Bill, and get the manual & also ask for the Installation & Planning Guide as well for installation specs.
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