Wall behind sauna wood stove opinions

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New Member
Feb 9, 2023
New York
I am installing a sauna wood stove (Lammpa Kuuma) and will have both stove-attached and wall-mounted heat shield with 1" air gap. I will exceed the clearances to a combustible wood paneled wall. I'm wondering if I should install a tiled cement board wall to the back and side of the wood stove anyway. Initially, I thought I would because this offered additional protection. But now I'm thinking it doesn't, and may actually be worse. Looking at cement board manufacturer sites, they are typically rated only to 200 F (durock) or 220 F (permabase) service temps. A sauna may reach those temps. It seems wood may actually hold up better. Any Thoughts on this are appreciated. Thanks.
If the manual's clearances, shielding, and hearth requirements are met or exceeded it should be fine. Keeping unnecessary materials out of the sauna will minimize issues with outgassing, cleaning, mold, etc.
It's really quite amazing what a simple piece of tin with a freeflowing airspace behind can do. For example, there is never a time when the sideshielding on my stoves becomes very hot relative to the stove temperature.

my tin shield on the wall behind the stove pipe keeps the wall cool and the tin never gets nearly as warm as the wall used to. The cooling effect is remarkable.

right now, far into the cool-down phase, my top is at about 430f and the side shields are at 160f or less. This according to a cheap ir gun. The shields are never too hot to touch even when the stove is rippin' at nearly 700 degrees Stt.

tile over concrete board, even with an airspace, makes an inferior shield, imo.