Q&A wall clearances re buck stove model 20

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Nov 27, 2012

A Buck model 20, catalytic. I'm considering purchasing one & placing it in the corner in my basement. The walls are framed, but no drywall has been hung yet. How can I reduce the clearance? Is there some particular material I can use in place of wallboard or do I need to use a heat shield mounted with spacers to the regular 1/2-inch drywall being hung throughout the room?


There is no material that you can place directly on the wood studs to reduce the clearance. You need to mount sheet metal or cement board (wonderboard or durarock) on spacers 1" from the original combustible wall. This reduces the usual 36" clearance to 12" from the combustible wall. On a tested & listed appliance such as yours you should follow the manufacturs instructions for clearance reduction.

Link: Buckstove
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